Girl Scout Cookie (GSC)

The GSC, associated with the name Girl Scout Cookies, is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison and the reunion is too large to rest in the wildland of California. With a sweet and earthy scent, GSC will take you to the highest floor of euphoria or to the relaxation of all bodies, which will restore brain space in good weather.

The GSC aroma feels like a scent from the sky turning your sense upside down looking for that unique moment of relaxing experience.

GSC’s terpenic profile is a unique blending aroma, with a pepper taste together with hop raw flavor, it shares a touch of earthly scent typical from the Kush’s strain. All of this flavor is enriched by the after taste of cookie giving it a sweet touch.

OG Kush

Another Legend from the Californian west coast! The famous OG Kush is an old school strain from the early 90’. It was crossed in Northern California with a Hindu Kush from Amsterdam then came to Los Angeles in 1996. This amazing crossed gave birth to a cannabis plant with a unique aroma.

The terpene profile of the OG Kush has a complex taste with a gas flavor, adding a woody and earthly touch at the same time, followed by a myrcene dominance. The OG Kush herbal, citrus, peppery taste give stress relief and peaceful experience while diffusing the essence of the Golden Buds cartridge.


Gelato set the bar for terpene profile. The Gelato strain is a renown cross from the Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint GSC. Born in Bay area, California, it gives an undisputed tasty experience mixing flavor from creamy to peppery. The essence of its smell has a citrus, limonene backbone making its aroma unforgettable. The Gelato Golden Buds cartridge give a well being physical feeling helping the mind to rest.

Super Lemon Haze (SLH)

The Super Lemon Haze (SLH) strain is Legend of itself bred by the unforgettable Franco Loja de Green House Seed Co. The SHL was crossed in Amsterdam from a Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Its aroma has a lemon perfume given a sweet aroma with a-pinene touch. The herbal lemon flavor gives a powerful sense awakening stimulating the mind and the body. The perfect terpenes blend of the SLH cartridge of Golden Buds will stay in your mind for the benefit of your soul.


The Tangie strain was breed by DNA genetic from a Californian Orange and a Skunk. Its orange agrume flavor makes its aroma irresistible. Its terpenes profile has a dominant fruity taste with a herbal note which pronounce its uniqueness. The smell of these buds reminds the cool breeze of the Californian summer. Its feeling is intense and calming giving the body sweet ease to enjoy a nice relaxation. The Golden Buds Tangie cartridge is ideal daily use to keep fresh the mind and body.


Enjoy the natural flavor of our CBD distillate at its pure form for a nice and smooth vape. You can feel and taste the essence of the hemp CBD flower plant to a new level. The wellness effect will provide a clear relaxation feeling in your mind and body. Try our Natural GoldenBuds experience in cartridge or syringe.