Golden Bud is the true Californian experience inspired by the Green Rush from the West coast almost one century after the Golden rush. Today Los Angeles is the world capital of Cannabis where the best buds of the world where created. Golden Buds Laboratory founded by Sebastien Beguerie creator of the famous Kanavape in Europe is known expert in the world of CBD and in the cannabis industry. By his vision to bring the ultimate entourage effect experience, he blended the essential oils of the Californian taste to an ultimate vaping moment for all CBD connoisseurs who want to feel the heat of the Pacific coast by just one hit on the unique combination of terpenes and CBD high concentrate distillate in its pure form with NO additives.

The scientific background of Sebastien with its Master in Plant Science from Wageningen University in the Netherlands has helped him to select the finest full-spectrum CBD distillate with the perfect terpenes profile of the best Cannabis strain known to this planet. Altogether the Golden Buds cartridge combines the ideal entourage effect combination for an unforgettable relaxation and wellness feeling. The Golden Buds experience is a cross between a unique terpenes profile of legendary Cannabis strain and a cutting edge vaping technology for an excellent aromatherapy therapy supported by the effect of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Our Terpene Selection

CBD Oil, CBG, and Terpenes CBG (cannabigerol) are some of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Rarer and more difficult to extract than CBD, it is a molecule with promising therapeutic potential. Cannabigerol has a calming effect on people who are overly anxious and stressed.

The whole story of our oils is based on the entourage effect linked to the interaction of terpenes and cannabinoids. Based on the principle of the golden number and divine proportion, our Golden Buds oil line comes in five distinct oils.

CALM: This blend has a mood-boosting effect, tempered by the capacity of linalool to enhance the person’s ability to relax from a busy day.
CREATIVE: What is the essence of creativity that will foster new ideas and their execution? The result is a blend of limonene, citronellol, alpha phellandrene, alpha-pinene, and linalool with a selection of other aromatics to stimulate the imagination.
RECOVERY: An energetic experience requires a combination of heightened focus and a little bit of excitement. Α and β-pinene combine to form a vibrant foundation with a pine scent.
FOCUS: Based on purifying alpha-pinene and linalool, it creates a balance between stimulation and calm. Other ingredients share a common thread with essential oils to promote focus.
ENERGY: An energizing experience requires a combination of improved focus and a little excitement. Alpha and beta-pinene combine to form an invigorating base with the scent of pine.